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        JIALESHI CERAMICS JIALESHI ceramics, located in the hinterland of Chancheng pottery - Foshan District, in Foshan City, Nanzhuang Town, Zhangcha town has manufacturing factory. Since its founding in 2009, the company has high quality products and has high quality, low water absorption, strong wear resistance, high gloss and complete specifications. It is a high quality and high level porcelain glass fossil professional production enterprise. It is well received in the market

        At the beginning of the establishment of the company, the company took the market as a guide, followed the market pulse, and decided to establish the tenet of "quality for survival and credit for the development". With the spirit of "sincere and dedicated" research and development, we paid attention to developing research and development and strict quality, and developed high and new products with advanced management mode and production technology. A better quality management system and monitoring system will be established to lay a firm foundation for quality products.

    Corporate honor


      Quality innovation excellent unit
      Advanced unit of quality technology
      Industry quality demonstration unit
      Heavy quality brand enterprises
      Certification certificate
      National standard high quality manufacturing book

    history of development


    Marketing Center


    • Marketing Center
    • Located in nanzhuang town, foshan city, zhangcha town is deeply affected by the strong ceramic culture.
    • 张槎 · 营销中心
    • 营销中心
    • 南庄 · 营销中心
    • 张槎 · 营销中心2
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